Changing of the Guard

Dr. Chris Kuhn passed over the reigns to Kevin Trotter on the June 28th meeting.  Thank you Chris for your leadership this past year and best of luck to Kevin on this new year!
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Paul Harris Fellows

Wabash Rotary club was excited to recognize 14 first time and plus Paul Harris Fellows today. An outstanding contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
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Paul Harris Foundation Award

On June 14, we were able to honor our healthcare workers with a Paul Harris Foundation Award for all of their efforts this past year.  We celebrated Jami Bartel, Marilyn Custer-Mitchell, Brittany Hanna, Patrick Kelly, Kerri Mattern, and Jessie Whiteman.
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Rotarians at Work! River Front Plaza 2018-05-23 04:00:00Z 0
New Freezer for Community Cupboard 2018-05-23 04:00:00Z 0
Polio Awareness Walk 2017-11-13 05:00:00Z 0
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Wabash Rotary - A Giving Club


The Wabash Rotary Club gave over $20,000 in fiscal year 2017!  Generous donations supported the following projects and organizations:

  • United Fund of Wabash County
  • Polio Eradication
  • Living Well in Wabash County
  • Whites Residential & Family Services
  • Philippines Dental Clinic
  • Purdue Education Fund Kindergarten Roundup Books
  • Dam to Dam Ride
  • Honeywell Center Elementary Art Show
  • Junior Achievement
  • FAME
  • Symphonic Voices
  • Rotary Foundation
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Annual Dues - what's included?

Wabash Rotary Club dues are broken down as follows:
$ 18 Exchange Student/Special Project
$ 20 White's Residential Services
$ 40 District Dues
$ 62 RI/Rotarian Magazine
$360 Meals
Total Annual Dues $500.00 
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Make up meetings online!

Rotary International bylaws say 30 minutes average on an e-club website constitutes an online makeup. Visit a Rotary e-club and make up a meeting at your convenience!
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Every Rotarian Every Year ("EREY")

The Every Rotarian, Every Year newsletter offers Annual Programs Fund updates, features on what Rotarians are doing to meet their club goals, and stories illustrating how the Annual Programs Fund contributions enhance people's lives. Updated quarterly, the newsletter will be produced throughout the Rotary year.  Read the latest issue.  Click here
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Rotary International Monthly Themes




January Rotary Awareness Month  
  February World Understanding Month  
  March Literacy Month  
  April Magazine Month  
  May Promote International Convention Month  
  June Rotary Fellowship Month  
  July Literacy Month  & New Rotary Year Begins  
  August Membership & Extensions Month  
  September New Generations Month  
  October Vocational Service Month  
  November Rotary Foundation Month  
  December Family Month
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NEW New member application

If you've ever proposed a new member to the Wabash Rotary Club you know how clunky the form was. The form has been updated and details the application process for the prospective member.  All information is collected at the time of submission.  We're sure you're going to like the improvement.  It's available in the "download" section in the right hand column of the home page or simply, click here.  It's a large file, so be patient while it downloads.
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Rotary Videos available online! 0