Apr 13, 2020
Craig Snow
Candidate For District 18 Representative

Craig Snow, chairman of the board of the Silveus Insurance Group and CEO of Cedar Holdings, Inc., on Wednesday announced his candidacy for the state representative District 18 seat being vacated by the retiring Rep. David Wolkins.


“I am delighted to anticipate this opportunity to serve,” said Snow in a prepared news release issued Jan. 15. “Because I believe my extensive background in the agribusiness and orthopedic industries uniquely equip me to represent our district 18 constituency.”

“In addition,” he continued, “I am married to a public school teacher and so I am keenly attuned to the issues facing our public schools and our educators and I look forward to being an advocate for this vital group that is shaping our future generations.”

Prior to his joining the Silveus organization in 2006, Snow held various leadership positions at DePuy-Synthes. His background includes leadership at the local level as a town councilman for Winona Lake, and in the non-profit world as chairman of his church’s board of elders. Snow also co-chairs the Global Leadership Summit Warsaw that each year champions strong leaders for strong communities.

A native of the Warsaw/Winona Lake area, Snow holds a business degree from Grace College and has held numerous community leadership positions, including being vice president of the Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) and serving on the boards of the local chamber of commerce and the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation.

Snow said, “I am deeply appreciative of the many years of service Representative Wolkins has given us, and I look forward to continuing to represent the interests and needs of our northern Indiana constituency.”